World History

Aspirant Forum presents the World History Section (GS-1) for the UPSC examinations. World History is a part of the General Studies Paper 1 (GS-1) of the IAS Mains Examination. If covered properly, this section can be a well scoring part of the paper.

This section will provide you various topics and articles on different subjects, that are important from the examination point of view. While we try to put online every article possible, as soon as we can, it would be a pleasure to conduct a healthy discussion on  the forum about the topics.

Members can put in their views and perspectives on the issues and thus contribute to a healthy scholarly debate. We welcome the participation from anyone and everyone.

Keep following the blog for more updates and information.

Study Matter on World History (GS-1)

Unit 1:

Understanding the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution: an Overview

Role of Renaissance and Reformation

Age of Machines and Capitalism

Unit 2:

The American Revolution

Background to the Revolution

Courses of Events

Unit 3:

The French Revolution

Background: The French Society

The Events of the Revolution

The Era of Revolution and Regime Change

Unit 4:

Revolutionary Movements in Europe

Holy Alliance and Reforms in England

Unification of Germany

Unification of Italy

Unit 5:

Colonization of Africa

 Slave Trade System

 Colonization of Africa

Unit 6:

Japanese Imperialism and Colonization of China

Colonization of China 

 Japanese Imperialism

Unit 7:


The Rise of Socialism

Evolution of Socialist Movement

Unit 8:

World War I

Factors Leading to the World War I

 World War I Peace Treaties: The Paris Peace

 Peace Treaty with Other Powers and Evaluation of Treaty of Versailles New content

Unit 9:

The League of Nations

League of Nations: Background and Birth

 Structure of League of Nations

More Coming Soon…

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Cheers people!!

Team  Aspirant Forum.

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