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Problem Solving [Part-I]

Problem-solving is cognitive process that comprises of discovering, analysing and solving problems. The ultimate goal of problem-solving is to overcome obstacles and find a solution that best resolves the issue. The unique situation creates the best strategy for solving problems, and also creativity and insight are the best options.

Before moving on to the discussion, firstly know that-“What is Problems?” Problem is a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved. We often see people always get stuck and struggle at a point and this will strategised them to react to resolve the problems. Lasswell stresses: “Knowledge of the decision process implies systematic and empirical studies of how strategies are made and put into effect”. Hence, Problem-solving does more analysis of hypothesis, predictions, Causation, and optimising, there develops a body of potential premises that can be used in deducing conclusions, just as Chemistry was able to deduce the existence of new elements before they were empirically discovered. But all these attributes can only possible to adhere, if a person poses some universal steps that discussed below.



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Morality: Nature and Scope

No education can be deemed complete, without a moral development of the person. Mere literacy does not make an individual educated. Rather, being educated is being capable to reflect and evaluate the social world around us. Absence of moral values can bring adverse impacts for the society. An immoral, but skilled person is more dangerous to the society, than a moral but unskilled one.

 ‘no knowledge is better than half-knowledge’.

Most of the pathological practices are the result of this half-knowledge. The growing incidence of murder, rape, arson, violence and terrorism are nothing but a product of wrongly conceptualized theories and ideas.

There is an urgent need to introduce the moral content in education. There is a need to check the uncontrolled expansion of desires and wants. The expansion of our uncontrolled materialistic desires has been taking place at the cost of our moral stature. Thus, there is a need to arose the moral consciousness of man.

Moral Education Vs Religious Education

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