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An atomic nucleus is a bound quantum state which is capable to exist in variable quantum states characterized by their different properties. It constitutes two different elementary particles known as protons and neutrons. These elementary particles are jointly known as nucleons. The atomic nucleus generally exists in the lowest energy state also known as ground state. The properties corresponding to these ground states are known as static properties whereas the dynamic properties are those which are characterized during nuclear reactions, nuclear decay and nuclear excitation.


In this article we will discuss the static properties of nuclei.

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India is the First country in the world which has initiated scientific management of its forests. The main aim of IFS is to implement the national forest policies which includes scientific management of forests to exploit them in an efficient manner along with maintaining environment stability and proper ecological balance which is essential for the sustenance of all flora n fauna including human beings. The responsibilities of an IFS officer are conservation, protection and development of wildlife and forests along with providing livelihood opportunities to various forest dependent tribes and communities. Read More…