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Significance and Approach to Study Ethics

Significance of Ethics

Importance of ethics is felt in every sphere of our life. The power of the traditional religions and ideologies is on a decline. Crime, terrorism, ecological degradation, deception, prostitution, gambling, and other unfair practices are on a rise.

The significance of studying ethics is understood by the fact that the study of moral philosophy or ethics can deepen our understanding of the ultimate goal of life. Through ethics, an individual can look upon his life critically and evaluate his actions and decisions.

Second, the study of ethics can enable a person to deliberate upon the moral principles. Moral philosophy, or ethics, can help in clearing our mind on the questions of morality. Thus, our actions are more thoughtful and conscious. Study of moral philosophy also sharpens our mental faculty and thinking process. It trains out mind to think rationally and logically. Ethics become an inevitable part of the human existence, since man is a social animal. Thus, no one can escape the ethical questions of life. Read More…