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Struture of League of Nations


The League of Nations worked like a Parliamentary democracy. It had 3 principal organs:

The Assembly

It was the general conference of the member states. All the members were represented in it. Each state sent a delegation of not more than 3 delegates. Each delegation was entitled to have one vote, as a whole. An annual session was held at Geneva. However, there was a provision of special sessions as well. League held its First session in November 1920. Its last session was held in April 1946, in which it was formally abolished, and its assets were transferred to the UNO. Read More…

World War I Peace Treaties

World War I Peace Conference

After the end of the First World War on November 11, 1918, a number of peace treaties were signed in 1919-20. Meanwhile, President Woodrow Wilson, of USA, gave his famous 14 Points for ‘peace without victory’ in January 1918.

Wilson’s 14 Points

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Evolution of Socialist Movement

The First International, 1864

First International

One of the most important events in the history of the socialist movement was the formation in 1864 of the International Working Men’s Association, or the First International. With it, socialism stepped on the stage of history as a world movement. It was formed at London, with delegates coming from Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. Marx addressed the meeting, which became famous as the Inaugural Address of the International Working Men’s Association. This address along with the general rules, outlined the principles and aims of the international. The central aim of the international was declared to be the total abolition of all class rule. The universal character of the struggle of the working class was emphasized. The address ended with the slogan- ‘Proletarians of all lands, unite!’.

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Industrial Revolution: An Overview

Towards the end of the middle-ages, Feudalism as an economic system had started to decline. This decline was further increased by the Renaissance and other developments. The changing life had created a demand for many types of goods which were previously considered as luxury goods. The methods of production had undergone a massive change and improvement. There was a revolution in the techniques and organization of the production system. This new type of economy was called an Industrial Economy. A mechanized factory system was created that produced goods on a mass scale and at a rapidly diminishing cost of production. This new system came from the second half of the 18th century in Europe.

Economic life, under Feudalism, was Static, as production was done for local consumption and market was limited. However, the new system of society- Capitalism- was moved by the aim of profit. Read More…