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Making the First Step Towards IAS

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another” –Helen Keller

The Aim of Civil Services

Civil services is not merely a job or profession, but it’s a platform to make contribution towards making a healthy and prosperous society. Every aspirant should understand the goal of civil services. This ultimate goal of civil service is: to serve the society and the people. So, we should develop a service-oriented attitude, even before entering the Services.

Civil Services

What does Civil in Civil Services Mean

Pre-requisite of Civil Services Examination

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Net Neutrality

You may have heard about the net neutrality on TV or read it about in newspaper. You may have also searched on internet  for it. Net neutrality is currently in news because a high level government committee has recently submitted its report on net neutrality. The topic is also important because a descriptive question of 300 words is recently asked in the UPSC assistant commandant exam. To know what the committee has recommended and the importance of this report , we need to understand the net neutrality and how it affects our use of internet.


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Civil Services (Pre.) 2015 Notification

UPSC has released the Civil Services Examination Notification for 2015, on May 24, 2015.

Finally the time has arrived that the candidates should pull up their socks and devote themselves for the preparations. It would be our endeavor to help the fellow aspirants in their studies and preparations.

Click here to see the Official UPSC Notification for Civil Services Examination 2015

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Role of Civil Services

Civil Services in India

Did you know the best civil service system in the world today is that of Singapore??? Since most of the readers of this post wants to get into civil services, I think it would be a good idea to throw some light on the role of civil services in India as well as other nations of the world (developing as well as developed). Right since open competition in civil services was started in India (way back in 1853) bureaucracy has been acting as pillars of functioning of the state. But is it the same for all the nations of the world alike?

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A few Things you need to know Before Writing the Civil Services Examination

IAS Pattern

The IAS exam ladder

Before starting the preparation, it is very important to have a complete understanding about the exam process, its structure and the various aspects related to the preparation. The complete notification of civil services examination should be studied carefully to understand the structure of the exam and related information. Read More…

Nature of Civil Services Exam

Civil Services is considered as one of the most prestigious careers in India. However, the recruitment process for the civil services is a thorough one, that tests the candidates on different planes.

What makes the civil services examination difficult is the level of comprehensiveness and the spread of the syllabus. The diversity of the questions asked in the exam is so large that sometimes, it becomes practically impossible to clear the exam without a comprehensive knowledge base.


Thus, it becomes important to know about the nature of the civil services exam.

Broadly, the nature of the exam consists of three parts:


Civil Services Exam Procedure


Each stage of the exam has a cut-throat competition, wherein a difference of one-mark can make a decisive impact.

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