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Chorological order of Mughal’s king

Date Events Date Events
1483 Babur is born in Fergana 1617 Revolt in the Southern states of the empire breaks out. Jahangir sends son  Khurram to pacify them. Khurram received the title of  Shah Jahan.
1526 Babur defeats Ibrahim, the sultan of Delhi at Panipat 1627 Jahangir dies and Shah Jahan assumes the throne, crushing his rivals
1530 Death of Babur and Humayun assumes power 1631 Shah Jahan’s queen Mamtaz dies during childbirth; Shah Jahan commissions the building of her tomb, the Taj Mahal
1540 Afghan Leader Sher Shah defeats Humayun and seizes the empire 1658 Shah Jahan’s son Aurangajeb  executes his brothers, imprisons his father and ascends to the throne of Delhi.
1555 Humayun re-conquers Delhi 1666 Death of Shah Jahan
1556 Humayun dies, young Akbar is enthroned 1679 Jijya is re-imposed; Aurangjeb’s accesses into Deccan
1562 Akbar, a free thinking Muslim, marries Padmini, a Hindu princess of powerful kingdom Rajaputana 1707 Aurangjeb dies
1564 Akbar abolishes Jizya, a tax on non-Muslims


Invading Persians massacre Delhi.
Weak Mogul Empire Collapses. The Europeans establish themselves in India after 1857 riots

1605 Death of Akbar and succession of son Jahangir 1862 Bahadur Shah II the last of the Mogul rulers dies. India becomes a British Colony.


Date Events Date Events
712 Arabs conquest of sindh 1286 Kai-Khusrau.
961 Alaptigin appointed Governor of Khurasan. 1287-90 Kaiqubad.
977-97 Sabuktgin, King of Ghazni. 1290-1320 The Khilji Dynasty
986-87 Sabuktgin attacked Jaipal. 1290-06 Jalal-ud-Din Khilji.


Jaipal organized confederacy of rules against Sabuktgin.

1292 Mongol invasion under Abdullah, grandson of Halaku Khan.
998-1030 Mahmud Ghazni. 1292 Ala-ud-Din invaded Malwa and captured Bhilsa.
1000 Mahmud’s first expedition. 1294 Ala-ud-Din defeated Ram Chandra, ruler of Devagiri.
1001 Mahmud’s second expedition against Jaipal.


Reign of Ala-ud-Din Khilji.

1006 Mahmud’s fourth invasion against Daud, ruler of Multan.


First Mongol invasion of India.

1008 Mahmud’s sixth expedition against Anandpal. 1297 Second Mongol invasion of India.
1009 Mahmud’s expedition against Nagarkot.


Third Mongol invasion of India.

1010 Mahmud defeated Daud of Multan again. 1299 Conquest of Gujrat.


1015-1021 Unsuccessful effort to conqueror to Kashmir. 1301 Conquest of Ranthamhbor.


1018-19 Expedition of Mahmud against Qanauj. 1303 Fourth Mongol invasion India.
1021 Unsuccessful effort to conqueror Kashmir. 1303 Conquest of Mewar.


1021-22 Mahmud laid siege to Gwalior. 1305 Conquest of Malwa.
1021-22 Trinochanpal defeated and killed. 1306 Mongol invasion of India.


Mahmud’s expedition against Somnath.

1307 Conquest of Devagiri by Malik Kafur.
1030-40 Reign of Masud, son of Mahmud. 1307-08 Last Mongol invasion of India.
1037 Conquest of Hansi by Masud. 1308 Conquest of ruler of Sevana in Rajputana.
1059 Ibrahim ascended the throne of Ghazni. 1310 Conquest of Telinganga by Malik Kafur.
1117 Death of Arslan, the last ruler of Ghazni. 1310 Conquest of Dwarsamudra.
1155 Ala-ud-Din Hussain of Ghour attacked Ghazni and destroyed it. 1311 Conquest of Pandya Kingdom.
1168 Death of Ala-ud-Din Hussain. 1316 Death Ala-ud-Din on 2nd January.


Invasion against Multan by Muhammad Ghouri.


Reign of Qutb-ud-Din Mubarak Shah.

1179 Muhammad attacked and captured Peshawar. 1320 Nasir-ud-Din Khusrau Shah.
1181 Muhammad Ghouri forced Khusrau Malik of Lahore to make peace with him. 1320-1412 The Taghluq Dynasty.
1182 Muhammad Ghouri invaded Lowe Sindh. 1320-25 Ghiyas-ud-Din Taghluq.
1185-86 Muhammad attacked Punjab again.


Reign of Muhammad bin Taghluq.


1186 Lahore captured by Muhammad Ghouri.


Transfer of Capital to Daulatabad from Dehli.


First battle of Tarain and defeat of Muhammad Ghouri by Pirthvi Raj Chauhan.

1328-09 Invasion of India by Tarmashirin Khan, Chaghtai Chief of Transoxiana.
1192 Second battle of Tarain and defeat of Pirthvi Raj. 1329-30 Token Currency Experiment.
1194 Conquest of Qanauj and defeat of Jai Chand.


Harihar founded the Kingdom of Vijayanagar.


1195-96 Muhammad Ghouri defeated Bhatti Rajputs. 1337 Conquest of fort of Nagarkot in Kangra District of Punjab.


1197 Conquest of Bihar by Bakhtiar Khilji. 1347 Foundation of Bahmani kingdom.
1197-98 Qutb-ud-Din Aibak conquered Badayun. 1351 Death of Muhammad Taghluq on 20th March.
1202-03 Kalinjar, Mahoba and Khajuraho occupied by Qutb-ud-Din Aibak. 1351-88 Reign of Firuz Taghluq.


1204-05 Conquest of Bengal by Bakhtiar Khilji. 1353-54 Invasion of Bengal by Firuz Taghluq.
1205 Failure of Bakhtiar to conqueror Tibet. 1359-60 Another invasion of Bengal by Firuz Taghluq.
1206 Death of Muhammad Ghouri. 1361-62 Firuz marched towards Thatta, Capital of Jams of Sindh.
1206-90 The Slave Dynasty. 1388 Death of Firuz Taghluq on 20th September.
1206-10 Qutb-ud-Din Aibak, ruler of Delhi. 1388-89 Reign of Ghiyas-ud-Din Taghluq Shah II.
1210-11 Aram Shah. 1389-90 Reign of Abu Bakr Shah.
1211-36 Iltumish, Sultan of Delhi. 1394 Ala-ud-Din Sikandar Shah.
1216 Defeat of Yildoz by Iltumish. 1390-04 Reign of Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad.
1217 Iltumish declared war against Qabacha. 1394-1413 Nasir-ud-Muhammad Taghluq.
1221 The Mongols appeared on banks of the Indus. 1398-99 Timur’s invasion of India.
1223 Expedition of Iltumish against Bengal. 1413-04 Daulat khan Lodi.
1226 Conquest of Ranthamhor by Iltumish. 1414-51 The Sayyid Dynasty.
1231 Gwalior besieged by Iltumish. 1414-21 Khizr Khan
1231-02 Qutb Minar of Delhi completed. 1421-34 Mubarak Shah.
1234-05 Expedition of Iltumish against Malwa. 1434-44 Muhammad Shah.
1235 Expedition of Iltumish against Banain. 1444-51 Alam Shah.
1236-40 Reign of Sultana Razia. 1451-1526 The Lodi Dynasty.
1240-02 Bahram Shah. 1451-89 Bahlol Lodi.
1241 Mongols attacked India. 1489-1517 Sikandar Shah.
1242-06 Reign of Ala-ud-Din Masud Shah. 1504 City of Agra founded by Sikandar Shah.
1245 Mongols invaded India again. 1508 Conquest of Marwar.
1246-66 Reign of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud. 1517 Death of Sikandar Shah on 21st November.
1266-86 Reign of Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban. 1517-26 Ibrahim Lodi.
1279 Mongol invasion of India. 1526 First battle of Panipat. Ibrahim was defeated and killed. Babur founded Mughal dynasty
1285 Mongol invasion and death of Prince Mahmud, son of Balban.    
  1287 Death of Balban.    

Current Events Chronology: Economy Compilation Jan-July 2014

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The importance of current affairs has increased in the recent years. As a result, we spend a lot of time reading and researching the newpapers and magazines. We have compiled important news and current events for the months of January to mid-July, to help the fellow aspirants prepare for the exams.

This is the Economy section of the news and events for the months of January to mid-July 2014. We will update and cover the coming months soon.

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All the material related to the current events have been placed, in a revised form in a chronological order. This will help you know about the events in a systematic order.

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