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Henry Fayol: An Introduction on Administrative Theory [Part 1]

Henri Fayol, contributed the corpus of management concepts and is considered the founder of the ‘Management Process School’. His Administration Industrielle et Generale was first published in France in 1916, but it did not come to light in the English-speaking countries until its English translation published in 1949 under the title General and Industrial Management. His work is considered a classic and a foundation in classical management theory. The book offers a theory and principles of management.

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Herbert Simon and His Administrative Thought


With the advent of  Herbert Simon, Public Administration  gained new horizon of understanding administration and behaviour of administrators. His contribution is noteworthy in developing rationalistic theory of decision making  but also focused on the decision making capacity in Administration by pointing out three steps in decision making process. Simon insisted upon ‘rationality’ in the decision making process.  He was the one who describe administration physiologically which was previously described only on the basis of anatomy of organisation.

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From the very beginning, Riggs made a great effort in searching for an objective and effective model for analyzing public administration in developing regions. With his background in sociological theory, Riggs created the “fused-prismatic-diffracted model.” This model covers a wide range of research. For instance, economic life, social structures, political symbols, and the allocation of power are all part of the analysis of structural function. From the perspectives of heterogeneity, overlapping, formalism, and social transformation, the model observes peculiar characteristics in prismatic society. Even though the theory behind it needs refinement, it has exerted tremendous influence on the understanding of public administration and organizational behavior.

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