Mains Papers

This section will give you the previous year Mains papers and their analysis.

You can learn a lot by studying the previous year Mains exam. By studying the nature and areas of questions, you’ll be able to write the answers as per the requirement of the UPSC.

UPSC Mains 2015

UPSC Mains 2014

21 responses to “Mains Papers”

  1. Rajesh says :

    Please provide anthropology question analysis for mains 2015…


  2. Ashwin says :

    Please provide answers for rest of questions in g s 2


  3. amitsnayak says :

    Why this delay for other answer keys!


  4. amitsnayak says :

    We are still waiting for the answer keys


  5. amitsnayak says :

    How much do we wait?


  6. Abhi says : has been quite long..give us the key..ur answers are good


  7. William Pertin says :

    #waiting #answerkeys #gs-3


  8. Abhi says :

    Yes…it has been quite full key of gs 3


  9. harshith says :

    please give answer key for geography optional also @ Harshith

    Liked by 1 person

  10. sharke04 says :

    please provide mock questions for upsc mains 2015.please..
    ur site seems great!!


  11. Ankit Yadav says :

    Very helpful post. Helped me realize what improvements I could have done in my answers last year.
    Can you provide the solutions for Geography optional as well?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. manojjoshi1008 says :

    sir please provide commerce and accountancy preparation strategy along with paper analysis and importance of newspaper in optional paper


  13. Anand says :

    Wow you guys doing very great work. Its very hard to find mains solved in any website. But you doing. If you have time and manpower ,plz try to analyse/ solve sociology optional paper. Thanks.


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