Civil Services Planner (IAS Planner)

Civil Services is regarded as one of the most prestigious careers in India.  However, the nature of the services and the selection procedure is a complex thing in itself. Thus, it is important for the beginners to understand what civil services is, and what are the various aspects of it.

With an objective of making these things clear before the aspirants, AspirantForum is presenting a comprehensive IAS Planner for its followers. The planner would give you details about everything related to the civil services. Additionally, you may ask any query and confusion (if it is left in our Planner).


So, let’s begin with the meaning and nature of  the civil services examination:


Civil Services As a Career

civil services roles

Not everything in life done for money alone. The life of a civil servant is one such example.

The charm associated with the career in civil services is not due to the pay scale and salary. Instead, it is due to the responsibility that the person shoulders, while being a civil servant.

Civil services as a career gives you power, fame, status and a pretty decent lifestyle. It puts you in a position where you are able to exercise your discretion, to a fair amount, in administering public policies and other public functions.

A Civil servant sits at high ranks of the governmental order, and thus, enjoys great social status. It is this social status and recognition that drives a large number of candidates towards the civil services examination every year.

While you might not be able to fetch the massive salary packages in the civil services, as are provided in some of the private corporate houses, it is the state support and security of employment that drives the interest of the candidates. The tenure of a civil servant is secure, from the uncertainties of ‘business’.

Moreover, a civil servant can make a mark on the society through his positive efforts.Thus, a good number of civil services aspirants are driven towards the civil services by the motivation to work for the betterment of the society.

As for the benefits that one get from the civil services:

Benefits of Civil services as a Career

Benefits of Civil services as a Career

Given the right performance and duty and a good record, civil services also provides the individual an opportunity to represent the country at the international forums, like United Nations and World Bank.

In short, one can explore the different dimensions of one’s potential through the civil services. It provides the individual a great avenue to serve the society, while ensuring a respectable lifestyle.

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