Geography is highly relevant and one of the most preferred subject these days. It gives a unique combination of a science and humanities subject. Under the new Mains pattern, the significance of Geography has increased greatly. As a result, it has become necessary for all the serious players to prepare the various concepts of geography properly.

Aspirant Forum will put articles and reading material on major topics. However, the key to success for the Geography is discussion and debate. Thus, we invite the fellow aspirants to become active and discuss the articles in detail, through the comment section.

Members can put in their views and perspectives on the issues and thus contribute to a healthy scholarly debate.

We welcome the participation from anyone and everyone.

Keep following the blog for more updates and information.

List of Articles

Beginning with Geography for GS

Some Basic concepts of Geography

Issues with Climate Change and Global Warming

 Monsoonal and Tibetan Plateau

Waste Management in India

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Team Aspirant Forum

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