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Mahatma Gandhi and the Philosophy of Satyagraha

Mohandas Karam Chandra Gandhi, whom we all refer to as Mahatma Gandhi or The Father of the Nation was the inventor of satyagraha. The title Mahatma which literary means a high-soul was given to him for inspiring the nation for civil rights and freedom across the world using non-violence and civil disobedience movements. He was the heart and soul of the fight for independence and brought down the British Empire to its knees by his very own weapons of non-violence, brotherhood and Satyagraha.


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Bureaucracy and Development : Nature | Characteristics | Requirement

The bureaucracy and Development have been famous and complex terms. These meanings have been controversial. It was in the post war period that and both developments, consciousness and developmental effort are developing independent bureaucracy. The growth of sound Bureaucracy has been considered unavoidable for development. In a developing country like India, both development efforts and bureaucracy have functioned together for over six decades. The role of bureaucracy in development has been controversial and debatable.


There is no agreed meaning of for the development. The simple meaning of the term development found in dictionaries is its end orientation. Development is defined into a better, fuller, higher and mature condition. The main tendency, however among many theorists is to consider development as an endless activity.

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TRIPS agreement: Mechanism for homogeneity in the Intellectual property

The TRIPS agreement was supposed to bring homogeneity in the Intellectual property regime of the developing & the developed world. However, it has also brought both of them at a level of confrontation against each other. Discuss.

Ans: The TRIPS agreement that was signed under a package deal of Uruguay round of WTO to reduce barriers to international trade, has not taken away from the WTO member states, the right to independently adopt IPR laws. It has actually enforced all the states to frame the policy that should provide the minimum standards of protection as introduced in the agreement.


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