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The Mauryan Art

The Mauryan Art

The period of the Mauryan Empire marks a new epoch in the history of India. It is said to be a period when chronology becomes definite. It was a period when chronology becomes definite. It was a period when politics, art, trade and commerce elevated India to a glorious height. A period of unification of the territories, which lay as fragmented kingdoms. Moreover, India contact with the outside world was established effectively during the period. The artistic remains of the Mauryan period come under the following heads.

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Chhath Pooja: History, Origin and Rituals

India is a land of festivals. It is the only country in the world where ancient traditions and cultures still exist. Most of the festivals have close relation with the nature. Chhath pooja is one among them. It is celebrated a week after Diwali. It is basically a riverside ritual in which Sun or Surya is worshipped due to which it is also known as Surya sashthi.

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What is Postal Index Number?

Have you ever thought, why Postal Index Number (PINCODE) is an important part of any address in India. If you don’t then here is the answer.

India is a very large country and it is not possible to recognize places by names. It is because some places have similar name with different region. Hence, the system was introduced to simplify the delivery of mail by eliminating confusion over incorrect addresses, similar place names and different languages used by the public. Read More…

Gharanas of Classical Music in Hindustani Style

A gharana is a system  of social organisation linking musicians or dancers by lineage or apprenticeship, and by adherence to a particular musical style. The word gharana comes from the Urdu/Hindi word ‘ghar’ which means ‘family’ or ‘house’. It typically refers to the  place where the musical ideology originated. It also indicates a comprehensive musicological ideology and differentiates from one school to another. It directly affects the thinking, teaching, performance and appreciation of music. Here, we are giving some famous “Gharanas of Classical Music in Hindustani Style ” that will help in the understanding of Indian classical music.

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Impact of Buddhism on Indian Culture and Society

Buddhism provided a fresh momentum to the Indian culture in the intellectual, literary, artistic and architectural field even it has completely vanished from India, its birth place. Like Jainism, Buddhism went a long way in influencing the Indian culture and mind set of the people.


Lord Gautam Buddha gave us four guiding principles. These are: there is suffering in life; the ground of suffering is desire; ending desire implicates ending suffering; and following a controlled and moderate lifestyle will end desire, and consequently end suffering. During the Indian National Movement, the major force of Satyagrahi which was based on Ahimsa—came from Buddhism.

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Comparison of different schools of Art

India has an unique culture, which has maintained a continuity for thousands of years while adapting itself to ongoing changes at the same time. It is the duty of every Indian to preserve, promote and conserve our cultural heritage and all forms of art and culture.


Art is subjective concept and has no unanimously accepted definition.

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Nobel Prize: Chemistry |Economics |Literature |Peace |Physics | Physiology or Medicine

The Nobel Prize is given for the Outstanding contributions for humanity in chemistry, economics, literature, peace, physics, or physiology or medicine.


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The Chola Empire was the first feudatory of the Pallavas of Kanchi which was founded by Vijayalaya. The Cholas have left behind fantastic architectural pieces and culture. It certainly had left behind a long lasting legacy. It is due to them that we see some great temples and buildings in Tamil Nadu. Also they contributed immensely to the Tamil Literature.The king went on regular tours to ensure efficient administration.

chola-dynasty-map (1)

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