About us

Aspirant Forum is a community of UPSC Aspirants, who have decided to come together to work as a team and share their thoughts and views online.

We, as a team, have decided to pool our resources and efforts, and help the fellow aspirants, who are misled and cheated by the pseudo / jhoolachhap (झोलाछाप) coaching Gurus. Our effort is to resolve the queries and confusions of the fellow aspirants, in the best possible way.

It shall be the effort of the Aspirant forum to provide as much as we can, free of cost.

Since we belong to the same section of the student community, that put all their effort for one dream, Aspirant forum shall try to serve all the needs of the IAS aspirants, in the best possible way.

The only motivation we seek to gain is your support and appreciation. Additionally, please feel free to share your views and study material. It shall be freely shared through internet, along with a note of thanks to the respective author.

Aspirant forum will keep you updated with the latest happenings and events in the world of Civil Services Examination. We would be highly grateful to have active participation from the student’s community, in any manner.

If you have any query, or need guidance from experts and UPSC faculty, then post your questions below, or mail us at the below address:

Queries and Questions

We wish the Candidates, and Future Aspirants, All the Best !!

Aspirant Forum Team!!

2 responses to “About us”

  1. Rohit Banda says :

    Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone who is contributing their massive efforts to make this page a WISDOM
    One small change I would like to suggest is that…

    In today news section….ur narrowing the current affairs content only to Hindu newspaper…..I would like to see Indian express and one more quality newspaper…which covers other issues
    Plz expand the news and editorial columns to other newspapers also
    Thank you


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