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Role of Social Institutions in Inculcating Values

Inculcating Values

Men and society has always been concerned about the social milieu in which we live. Thus, men of great intellect and vision have made deep insights into the issues of ethics and morality, in their attempt to explore the appropriate ‘means’ and ‘ends’ of the human life.

Education of an individual has a long-lasting impact. Thus, there is a great emphasis on the nature and scope of education system in reforming and inculcating the human life with ethical principles. There has been a realization of the urgent need to control our materialistic impulses through the development of cognition, belief and emotions. That is why, the theme of value education has become very important in the contemporary society.

In India, the National Policy on Education (1986) reiterated the same need for value education. Read More…



Chief Minister is the de facto executive (real executive authority) of the state government apart from Governor who is de jure executive (nominal executive authority). It implies, a chief minister is the head of the government and a governor is the head of the state. The position of a Chief Minister is analogous to the position of PM at the state level.

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News for January 6, 2016

Important News from The Hindu:

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