Green Technology

Green Technology refers to a new branch of science that has green purpose. Here, we do not mean the colour but the technology which is environment friendly. This is very important to know why we are moving towards green technology, the answer is our technology is more inclined towards convenience rather than concern for the planets i.e. Earth.

green tech

Again we have another question that why do we need to concern for our planet because the world has a fixed amount of natural resources, some of which are rapidly decreasing. So, if we are to save our planet, we must focus on inventing ways to conserve our natural environment and resources. In other words, we must promote green technology.

Goals of Green Technology


  • Developing those technologies that meet the needs of human beings without hurting nature in any way. There are three terms which has become highly house-hold relevant in today’s world – Use, Use and Reuse. This means we must learn to cut down on waste and production, and reduce consumption of natural resources. It is very important to make products that can be fully recycled, or reused.

  • It is essential to develop alternative technologies to prevent any further damage health and the environment through changing patterns of production and consumption.

  • To develop those technologies that expands the ambit of biodegradable utility as possible.

Application of green technology in our daily life

Go Green

Green technology can be applied in our daily life in so many ways:

  • We can use it for Waste Management as well as to purify air and water.

  • It also opens new fields of renewable energy for every day uses like solar, wave, and wind energy.

  • It can be applied for heating water, cooling homes, cooking and lighting.

  • It can be applied in the manufacturing of appliances like computers. Electric cars, biogas plants and windmills are just some of the ways that green technology can be used.


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