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Volkswagen – Sinister Scam and Disastrous Effects

Volkswagen and analogy to ‘People’s Car’. The German carmaker once holding three places in the list of top ten bestselling car of all times compiled by 24 * 7 Wall Street. And this must not be a surprise for an entity having German legacy of world class technology, manufacturing, professionalism and the care of mankind embedded in its ethics. But seems they couldn’t maintain the legacy and gave it up to surge their balance sheet. In context to the recent likely step to recalling about 1 Lakh diesel cars in India on the instruction of ministry of heavy industries to automotive research association of India (ARAI). The country’s testing agency to probe if Volkswagen manipulated emission tests in India as it did in Europe and US, ARAI is likely to submit report in a month.  Let me take you a couple of months back when the scam that added 2,60,000 to 1 million tons of more NOx in the atmosphere that created smog, causing severe respiratory and skin diseases.


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