India-Africa Forum Summit 2015

Brief History


The India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) was initiated in 2008 and was firstly attended by 14 African nations. It is scheduled to be held once in every three years. The third IAFS conference was held in India from October 26, 2015 to October 29, 2015 at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, New Delhi with an aim to develop a new model of cooperation which takes into account Africa’s own aspirations for pan-African institutions and development programmes. Both India and Africa share common history of their struggle against colonialism and apartheid. With the IAFS summit, both the nations have been emerged jointly to combat the major threats such as climate change, international terrorism, illiteracy, poverty and hunger and also to accept the challenges of globalising world. The partnership of the two countries is anchored in the principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Third Edition of IAFS

The recent edition of the IAFS summit gave an opportunity to the heads of government of 54 African nations to interact with Indian government in order to give a boost to their age-old partnership. It also provided a platform not only to flashback their shared history but also to define the road ahead in tune with the present scenario.



The logo of third IAFS conference is a tribute to the shared history of the two nations and also their common dreams. The logo reflects the strong bonding of India and Africa that symbolises the coming together of the two nations for a future that is progressive, empowered and peaceful. The lion at the middle of the union of two nations is the symbol of proud, courage and boldness and is prowling over to grab every opportunity coming in its way. It recognises that in this globalised age we live interconnected lives and reflects the vision of a sustainable & multi-faceted partnership using geometrical patterns.

India’s contribution to African nations

India and Africa constitute one-third of the world’s population. A large majority of them are in their youth. In the past three years alone, 25000 Africans have been trained or educated in India. The Pan Africa e-network, which now connects 48 African countries, has been emerged as the new highway of regional connectivity and human development. India has appeared as a major and rapidly growing source of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa. Indian tourist flow to Africa is also increasing.

The economic partnership has gathered momentum. Besides economic growth in India and Africa, trade has also benefited from India’s decision in 2008 to offer duty free access to Indian markets to all Least Developed Countries, in the context of the first India-Africa Forum Summit. 34 African countries are direct beneficiaries of the scheme.

Since the time of gaining independence of African countries, India has been supporting human resource development these nations. The cooperation of India now takes many forms and is expanding rapidly in scale and range.

The third IAFS conference reflected both India and African nation’s commitment to multi-lateralism and strengthening of the democratic structure of the United Nations to increase participation of developing counties in the decision-making processes. Africa took note of India’s position and its aspirations to become a permanent member with full rights in an expanded UN Security Council.


Hence to be concluded that the third conference of IAFS reflect India’s perception towards world economy as well as world politics as a contributor and partner with its own existence. The conference also shows that India want to act as an articulator in the way of development.

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