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Problem- Solving [Part-II]

Thinking patterns

Problem solvers should choose appropriate patterns, responding to situations. Hence, the problem-solvers should adhere four universal patterns to make good decision which is discussed below:strategic thinking, emotional thinking, realistic thinking, and empirical thinking.


  • Strategic thinking: Focus, or bias, is the criterion for strategic thinking. If you judge whether a situation is right or wrong based on whether the situation is focused or not, your judgement is strategic. A strategy is not necessarily strategic. Historically, many strategists such as Confucius in ancient China, Naplon, M. Porter proposed strategic thinking when they develop strategies.
  • Emotional thinking: In organizations, an emotional aspect is essential. Tactical leaders judge whether a situation is right or wrong based on the participant’s emotional commitment. They think that if participants can be positive to a situation, the situation is right.
  • Realistic thinking
  1. Start from what we can do
  2. Fix the essential problem first

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