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Land Reform in post Independent India [Part- II]


Land Reform (After 1970):


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Development of Indian Press

“Press” generally refers to any media that provides news on national and international issues and various scientific developments. press is the voice of people living in a democratic nation like India. It plays a vital role in bringing the real picture of the society.


Freedom of press refers to freedom of speech and expression which is a fundamental right of every citizen. Liberty of people is not complete without this right. Press keeps an eye on the liberty of the people. Press serves the best in removing any harsh Government or to stand against dictatorship, anarchy and malpractices. it is because of these functions that press sometimes also referred as the necessary pre-condition to the fulfilment of democratic ideologies. The evolution of Indian Press are discussed below:

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News for June 19, 2015

Important News from The Hindu:

Editorials You should read:

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