Books for IFS mains–Physics


India is the First country in the world which has initiated scientific management of its forests. The main aim of IFS is to implement the national forest policies which includes scientific management of forests to exploit them in an efficient manner along with maintaining environment stability and proper ecological balance which is essential for the sustenance of all flora n fauna including human beings. The responsibilities of an IFS officer are conservation, protection and development of wildlife and forests along with providing livelihood opportunities to various forest dependent tribes and communities.

Listed below are the suggested books for IFS mains (Physics)

1. Solid state physics

Solid State Physics: Structure and Properties of Materials by M. A. Wahab

Solid State Physics by R.K. Puri and V.K. Babbar

2. Atomic and molecular physics

Atomic and molecular spectra by Rajkumar

3. Quantum physics

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths

Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications by Nouredine Zettili

By Satyaprakash

4. Classical mechanics

Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein

Classical Mechanics by Gupta, Kumar and Sharma

5. Electronics

By Gayakwad

Microprocessors by Gaonkar

6. Electrodynamics

By DJ Griffith

By Satyaprakash

7. Electromagnetic Theory

By Satya Prakash

8. Statistical Mechanics

By R.K. Pathria

9. Fiber optics communication

By Gerd Keiser

10. Optics

By R.K. Verma

By Brijlal and Subrahamaniam

By Ajoy Ghatak

11. Nuclear physics

By S.N. Ghoshal


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    bro please help for my ias zoology optional subject


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