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Bihar Public Service Commission-2015

1:Which country has largest coastline?

A. USA               B. Australia

C. Canada         D. India

Explanation – The Top 5 Countries with the Longest Coastline.

Country Coastline Length (km) Coastline Length (miles)
1. Canada 202 080 km 125 570 miles
2.Indonesia 54,716 km 33,999 miles
3.Russia 37,653 km 23,396 miles
4.Philippines 36,289 km 22,559 miles
5.Japan 29,751 km 18,486 miles


2: The largest producer of aluminium in the world is

A.France                           B. India

C.USA                              D. Italy

Explanation- Aluminium represents the second largest metals market in the world. China is the largest aluminium producing country in the world. Russia is second, Canada is second and U.S.A is third largest producer of aluminium. Hence, c is correct option.


3: The Pennines(Europe), the Appalachians(America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples of

A.Young Mountain                           B.Old Mountain

C.Block Mountain                           D.Fold Mountain

Explanation- Old Mountains have rounded features and low elevation with worn out fold. Hence, the Pennines (Europe), the Appalachians (America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples of old mountains.

4: Match the rivers with the cities through which they are flowing and select the correct answer using the codes given below:

             City            River
a.Rotterdam 1. Seine
b.Paris 2.Potomac
c.Budapest 3.Rhine
d.Washington 4.Danube

Explanation- Rotterdam is situated near Rhine River; Paris is situated near Seine River; Budapest is situated near Danube River; Washington is situated near Potomac River. Hence, c is correct option.

5: Which is the largest metal trading centre?

A.Johannesburg                  B.New York

C.London                        D.Singapore Read More…

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