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[Part 2] IAS Mains 2014 GS2 Answerkey and Solutions

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Question 11: Do Government’s schemes for the uplifting vulnerable and backward communities by protecting required social resources for them, lead to their exclusion in establishing business in urban economies?

Answer: The well intended Government schemes for upliftment of vulnerable and backward communities benefits the various section of society. It check massive migration, uplift poor, and provide job in periphery near to their habitation. While the well intended policies of the government are often based on a principle of re-distributive justice, there are some unintended consequences of the same, which are felt by the business communities. Read More…

News for January 02, 2015

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[Important for : Mains-  Polity, Whistleblowers Act]

[Important for : Mains-  Polity, Land Ordinance]


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