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IAS Mains 2014 GS-2 Paper Analysis and Review

The General Studies paper-2 was different from the paper of 2013. In a major shock, UPSC asked only 20 questions, with each question having a weightage of 12.5 marks.

However, the nature of questions was a bit simpler than the last year, and a number of questions came from the readily available material, like basic structure and Indian federalism. However, there were also a few questions that were twisted, to test the analytical and sharpness of a candidate’s mind.

The part-wise break up of the GS-2 paper was as follows:

Part Number of Questions Weightage
Constitution and Indian Polity 6 75
Policies and Program 3 37.5
Social Justice 4 50
Human Resources 2 25
IR 5 62.5
Total 20 250


GS2 analysis


Constitution and Indian Polity

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IAS Mains 2014 GS-4 Question Paper

UPSC conducted the IAS Mains 2014 GS-4 paper on December 17, 2014 in the afternoon session.

Here is the question paper.

Analysis and answer key will put posted soon…

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News for December 18, 2014

Important News from The Hindu:

[Important for: Prelims/Mains: IR, US-Cuba relation]

[Important for: Prelims/Mains- IR, Nuclear talk]

  •  Thursday special on Sci-Tech

[Important for : Prelims/Mains]

  1. Valuable spin-offs from carbon nanotube research

  2. Special care for children during medical radiation procedures

  3. farmer’s notebook

  4. Mars’ atmospheric loss due to solar wind

  5. Squid protein complex enables 3-D printing

Editorials You should read:

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[Essay] Tourism: Can this be the next big things for India?

India is a country known for its lavish treatment to all visitors, no matter where they come from. Its visitor-friendly traditions, varied life styles and cultural heritage and colourful fairs and festivals held abiding attractions for the tourists. The other attractions include beautiful beaches, forests and wild life and landscapes for eco-tourism; snow, river and mountain peaks for adventure tourism; technological parks and science museums for science tourism; centres of pilgrimage for spiritual tourism; heritage, trains and hotels for heritage tourism. Yoga, ayurveda and natural health resorts and hill stations also attract tourists.Tourism is not only a growth engine but also an employment generator.

Growing recognition of tourism

  • A growing recognition of tourism’s contribution to employment and economic growth, the availability of better infrastructure, focused marketing and promotion efforts, liberalization of air transport, the growth of online travel portals, growing

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