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IAS Mains 2014 GS-1 Paper Review and Analysis

GS Paper 1 Analysis


The General Studies Paper 1 of the UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination 2014 marked a few changes as compared to the Mains 2013 paper.

In a major change, UPSC discarded the short questions (5 marks), carrying only the 10 mark questions. There has been a mixed response to this step as many of the aspirants have hailed this change as beneficial for the candidates.

Nevertheless, let’s move on to the analysis of the paper:

Composition of the GS Paper-1

The total number of questions in the GS Paper 1 was 25, with each question carrying 10 marks, and a word limit of 150 words.

As for the areas from which the questions were asked:

Areas Number of Questions Total Marks
Art and Culture 5 50
Indian History 3 30
World History 2 20
Social Issues 5 50
Geography: Theoretical 4 40
Geography: India 4 40
Geography: World 2 20
Total 25 250



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IAS Mains 2014 GS 2 Question Paper

UPSC conducted the IAS Mains 2014 General Studies Paper 2 on December 15, 2014, in the afternoon session.

Here is the question paper.

Answerkey will follow soon.

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News for December 16, 2014

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