[Essay] With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


With Great Power comes Great Responsibility, are the words given by Spiderman Voltaire.

Power without a purpose becomes dangerous. The greatest attribute of a moral-ethical power is that, it is never imposed/forced. A power/authority, responsibly exercised, is always respected and upheld. whereas, power, that is arbitrary and autocratic, is bound to be overthrown, either through revolution or by reform.

The axiom of “with great power comes great responsibility” has been cherished since the days of Aristotle and Plato. The elements of power and responsibility are important means that decide the ethical aspect and acceptability of an act.

The Various Power

Power could be in different forms and types:

  • Power of the Body, Physical Power;
  • Power of the Mind, Mental Power;
  • Power of the Language, Power of Oration
  • Power of the Law, Legal Power.

Each of these powers have been entwined with a sense of responsibility. Thus, a person’s physical power is constrained by the duty not to harm others; mental power is constrained by the moral principle of not to think ill of others; power of oration is bound by the moral rule of not to speak foul language; and the Legal power is checked by the legal constraints.

Thus, the human societal structure has been woven in the form of a carefully crafted structure, where the one who bears the power is not allowed to misuse it.

Interrogating the Connection between Power and Responsibility

  • Power is guided by an intend to make others do what one wants. Thus, having power always compels a person to abridge the limits of morality and infringe upon the rights of others. A person, under the intoxication of power, refuses to respect the rights of the others, and becomes irresponsible and unaccountable.
  • Power and Responsibility are, thus, seen as a continuum, with one flowing along the other.
  • Moving along the same idea, responsibility without power becomes meaningless. Unless a person has been entrusted adequate amount of power, the responsibility entrusted cannot be performed. Thus, Power and responsibility requires the support of each other in every walk of life.
  • What distinguishes Gandhi from Hitler, or Armies from Terrorist groups, is the sense of responsibility. Gandhi stated that ends without means are unethical.
  • there are several examples in same history too where how an Individual used his ability for Brotherhood, Peace and Humanity. Nelson Mandela, national father of India Mk Gandhi is popular example where they have done the things following the spirit of the message.


Conclude the essay by linking the philosophical idea of the topic to the current scenario of the society.

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