IAS Mains 2014 Essay Paper Solution

UPSC Civil Services Mains 2014 started with the Essay paper. As a major reform, UPSC had, this time, asked the aspirants to write two essays of 1000-1200 words each.

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The Change in Strategy

Note that due to the change the required word limit and number of essays, there is a change in the technique that the candidates require to adopt for the Essay paper. Earlier, a candidate could devote an adequate time to plan and structure the essay. But now, due to the increased number of essays to be written, you might not be able to devote the same amount of time. Further, since the new word limit is only 1000-1200 words, you require to discuss the points in a not-too-long manner.

Also important, is to devote sufficient time for both the essays. Candidates should view the changed pattern of the essay paper positively. Thus, even if you are not comfortable with the essay topic, you get another chance to compensate through the second essay. Thus, it is important that you balance the two essays in the paper.

We predict that due to the changed pattern, the mean score in the essay paper might witness a slight increase. (that’s a good thing for the candidates)

Coming to the Essay

Aspirant Forum presents a discussion-cum-solution to the Essay Paper.

Here we are providing you the details and suggestions on how the essays given in the paper could be attempted. The first essay that we’ll discuss is

Was it the policy paralysis or the paralysis of implementation which slowed the growth of our country”

We will provide a few points on how the essay could be attempted. Since Essay writing is a subjective topic, candidates are requested to reflect upon the essay as per their understanding.


To start with, we should explain the crux of the essay. Instead of going deep in the add-on information of the topic, you should write about the main content that would hit the mind of the examiner. Try to write what you plan to explain in the essay and introduce the stand that you intend to take.

For this essay, we can start with the introductory part by including the following points:

  • Difference between policy paralysis and paralysis of implementation. (Note that there is a difference between policy paralysis and paralysis of implementation).
  • What is growth and development.
  • How policy paralysis and paralysis of implementation can affect growth of a nation.
  • Throw some light on policy paralysis in India.

Main Part

In the main content of the essay, we should expalin what we have introduced in the Introduction part.

The main part could have the following points for the given topic:

  • We might explain the various policies related to various sector, like- Health, Education, Women Empowerment etc and their current status in the context of India. Note that it is important to write about the current situation of a sector you are writing about. Also, you could explain the role of such policies/sectors in economic growth and development of the society.
  • We can explain, with examples, how policy paralysis affects the growth of various sectors; how lack of comprehensive tax policy affect investment atmosphere in general, and foreign investment in particular. For this, you could take a reference to the Vodafone case.
  • We could also explain how lack of clear cut policy in education section is leading to confrontation of difference stakeholders, due to the conflicts between the states and the Center.
  • We could also explain how policy logjams have tumbled Bihar’s GDP growth down from a high of 15.05% in 2012-13 to an estimated growth of 8.82% in 2013-14.
  • Lack of proper labour policy affects the investment atmosphere in India.
  • Instead of just covering the topics superficially, explain how paralysis of policy affects the final outcomes.
  • India have a number of policies in different sectors, but due to the poor implementation of policies, the masses are unable to reap the benefits of the welfare policies. Here, you could use examples from the countless policies that the Indian government has launched. Also, highlight the problem of policy paralysis at the grass root levels.
  • Incorporate the various constraints in the implementation of the policies, like lack of political will, poor infrastructure, centralisation of power, corruption etc…
  • Try to cover as many topics as possible.


In conclusion we should express our views, and suggestions. How to eliminate policy logjams and poor implantation. We should have balanced approach in concluding the essay.

We can conclude with the view that in Indian it is not only the policy paralysis but also the paralysis of implementation which showed the growth of our country. To make our society prosperous and to achieve our democratic goal it is required that we have a comprehensive policy with regards to various sectors and we must assure that these policy should be implemented at the right time and in the right direction.

More essays and suggestions will be posted soon…

Team Aspirant Forum

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