[Essay Paper] Is Sting operation an invasion on Privacy ?

Journalists are the watchdog of society’- a proverb that is commonly referred to the role of media in a society. The role of journalist is of informer, protector, guardian and noticing any wrong doings in the society. Like a guard-dog that barks when it notices anything wrong or unnatural, journalist alerts the society when a problem is detected, which may be an illegal activity, improper work or malfunctioning of anything and etc.

In the present era of information, the sources for information cannot be acquired through open medium only but concealed or hidden sources are also required. Sting operation is not being in practice only for finding out requisite information but for evidence also. The sting operation can be termed legal only if it is conducted for the betterment of society or otherwise an invasion on privacy. It is defined legal by the Delhi high court under Article 51A(b) of the Indian constitution. The Constitution [Part-IVA] lays down certain fundamental duties for the citizens of this country and Article 51A (b) provides that it is the duty of every citizen of India to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom. One of the noble ideals of our national struggle for freedom was to have an independent, Prosperous and corruption free India. Sovereinty, unity and integrity of this country cannot be protected and safeguarded until the corruption is removed from this country and for that sting operation is required. Sometimes it is required to take disguise steps to unveil some other persons.

The Other Points related to this topics can be written as following subheads or part wise which must contain :-

  1. What is sting operation- 5W (Why, What, Who, When, Where and How) in about (in 100-200 words)

    1. The means and ways of Sting Operation

    2. The purpose of sting operations: Why it is necessary

    3. The positive and negative aspect of sting operation

  2. History or beginning of Sting operation in India or previous important case (Bangaru Laxman case and etc.) ( about 100 words )
  3. Moral, ethical, technical And Legal aspect of this issue (in around 200 words)
  4. Impact of sting operation on (200 words)
    1. Individual or victimized person
    2. Society, Organisation, Local government (Sting operation like sex scandal)
  5. Legal Status and Policy related with this issue (100 words)
    1. Role of various department
    2. Role of Police
    3. Role of social media (in publicizing the case)
  6. Recent News, case related with sting operation (150 words)
  7. Media trial (How much impact on society and making the case strong or poor) (in 150 words)
  8. Any relevant topic or fact associated with the issue (especially the guideline and policy used by foreign countries) (in 100 words)


Note: these are just some pointers that could be included in the essay. The list is not exhaustive. We would appreciate if aspirants could write more points in the comments, and discuss.

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