[Essay] Is the growing level of competition good for the Youth?

India has a population of over 12 crore. Among them, on an average every third person in a city is a youth. Large number of population and less opportunities has created an environment of competition in India. The growing population is also increasing the level of competition for youths. The impacts of growing level of competition are both positive and negative on youths.

Positive impacts:

With the growing level of competition, there is a large fraction of youth who have adjusted themselves. They have shown some positive impacts of competition.

  1. Encouraging youths to work hard:

  • Success not comes easily in the environment of competition. Youths need to work hard.

  • Because of fewer opportunities only hard working persons can win. The person who doesn’t work hard can’t achieve success.

  1. Help youths to enhance their skills:

    • Work can be done by any person but the person who can do work efficiently and effectively can achieve success.

    • Knowledge of work remains less important but the knowledge to make that work different becomes important.

  2. Help youths to grow multitask mechanism in themselves:

    • Person who can do different tasks and can organize and handle these tasks efficiently achieve success in less time.

    • They can also increase their quality of work in these different tasks by high level of competition.

  3. Help to understand strengths and weaknesses :

  • Growing level of c0mpetition makes youth about his strength and weaknesses.

  • After identifying strengths and weaknesses he can improve his ability to work. He can get rid off from his weaknesses.

  1. Enhances their creativity:

  • Competition helps you in being different from others.

  • It enhances person’s creativity in given work.

  1. Help to manage success and failures in life:

  • Competition helps persons to deal with winning and losing. How they react to it is a crucial skill to possess in managing life.

  1. Help to plan for long term and short goals:

  • Competition makes youths aware about the opportunities available for them.

  • After knowing these opportunities they can make short term plan and long term plan for them.

Negative impacts:

The growing level of competition also has some negative impacts on youths. Negative results can be seen in the youths who are not able to survive in competition environment.

  1. Vulnerability to crime:

  • Youths who can’t manage to compete with other youths often become vulnerable to crime and drugs.

  • They got trapped in anti-social work such as robbery, murder, etc. to earn money.

  • Due to the failure they become addicted to alcohol and drugs. They try to forget their failure by these means.

  1. Increasing mental pressure:

  • Youths often pressurized by their family members and relative to achieve success.

  • Due to this pressure they become ill to various mental problems such as stress, anxiety, tension.

  • To get rid off these problems they become vulnerable to ant-social activities.

  1. Suicide:

  • Youths who are not able to adjust themselves in the competitive world and can’t make them vulnerable to drug or crime often choose to end their life.

  • These are the youths who are not able to manage success and failure and can’t accept the loss of situation.


From the above impacts we can say that growing level of competition has both negative and positive results on youth. There are many youths who have got the success because competition has enhanced their skills, ability, and quality of work. Competition has also resulted into the failure, suicide and alienation of several youths. These impacts have been seen because of the less available opportunities.

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12 responses to “[Essay] Is the growing level of competition good for the Youth?”

  1. ankit says :

    Asmin can we write essay in bullets like you have written above?


    • aspirantforum says :

      No Ankit. Am essay should be written in paragraph form only. But you use the headings and points at specific places. Here, the essay has been given in points form just to put down some points about the topics. It is not a complete essay.

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  2. Abhi says :

    nice initiative..in this essay shall we give causes and solution for the problem too…like what causes the competition to become so high for our youth i.e. large population and commensurate lack of growth of jobs and education institutes….
    Also the solutions for solving this issue like creation of jobs, more and more quality educational institutes…


    • rastogianupam says :

      The topic of the essay is revolving around the impact of growing competetion on youth. Are these impacts helping youth to grow and motivating them to do better or increasing their problems. Yes we can write causes by which competition affecting youth and we can add solutions of negative impacts but, solutions must not be the focus point of the essay.


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  4. feroz says :

    thanks very helpful for me.. I hope that every one will get benifited by thus . once again thanku.


  5. Priyanshu says :

    This help me to complete my homework whoever have written it thanks to him/her


  6. Vedant Awasthi says :

    Was really helpful! Thanks a lot !


  7. Soham says :

    The best essay I got on google.
    Lovely essay 👌
    A must read…


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