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Crux of Hindu and PIB Vol. 03

Aspirant Forum presents the Crux of the Hindu and PIB.

Reading the Hindu and PIB is seen as indispensable for any aspirant. Thus, our team has compiled the relevant news items, edited them and put together in a magazine form.

Many other coaching institutes and online sites are selling the similar products at high prices. Thus, to help the fellow aspirants get the same knowledge resources for free, The Crux has been introduced.


Click here to Download Crux of Hindu and PIB Vol 03  [for News of November 2014]

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News for December 12, 2014

Important News from The Hindu:

[Important for: Prelims/Mains: Economics, Planning of India]

Editorials You should read:

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League of Nations: A child with an Bad Fortune

League of Nations

League of Nations was established to bring peace in the world, through peaceful settlement of international disputes. It was formed under the Paris Peace Conference, and came into existence on January 10, 1920. It had its headquarters at Geneva. It was the result of a search for a world organization. US President Woodrow Wilson is regarded as the ‘Godfather’ of the League of Nations.

International Organisations Before the League of Nations

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