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Understanding the concept of Reflection and Refraction

Reflection and Refraction

The concept of Reflection and Refraction often put us in surprise. These concepts are the main reason that we see water on roads on a hot sunny day, and the reason that our mind commits a mistake in guessing the depth of water. This article will throw some light on the principles of reflection and refraction.

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Light is basically a form of energy which creates a sensation of vision to our eyes. Light can travel even in vacuum with a speed of around 3 × 108 ms-1. light has a dual nature which implies it exhibits both wave as well as particle nature. The wave nature of light can be explained using diffraction, interference and polarization while the particle nature of light is explained using reflection and refraction phenomena. The elementary particle of light is known as photon.

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National Cyber Security Policy


The “National Cyber Security Policy” has been prepared in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, user entities and public.
• This policy aims at facilitating creation of secure computing environment and enabling adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions and also guiding stakeholder’s actions for protection of cyber space.
• The National Cyber Security Policy document outlines a road-map to create a framework for comprehensive, collaborative and collective response to deal with the issue of cyber security at all levels within the country.
• The policy recognizes the need for objectives and strategies that need to be adopted both at the national level as well as international level.
• The objectives and strategies outlined in the National Cyber Security Policy together serve as a means to:
i. Articulate our concerns, understanding, priorities for action as well as directed efforts.
ii. Provide confidence and reasonable assurance to all stakeholders in the country (Government, business, industry and general public) and global community, about the safety, resiliency and security of cyber space.

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