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Mythbuster: Coaching for Civil Services (IAS) Exam

Fake Coaching institute

Given the fact that civil services is one of the most preferred profession among the students, the Civil Services coaching market is a booming business. Visit Mukherjee Nagar, Rajender Nagar and similar places, and you’ll see the rush that UPSC exam has created among the junta.

Nevertheless, before going into the discussion about the coaching centers, here’s a short story about an Aspirant named- Dipesh (the real name has been kept secret to save the person from embarrassment).

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[Part-2] Scientific Management: FREDERICK TAYLOR

6 Different Techniques of Scientific Management


The principles of scientific management only bring out the basic philosophy behind the theory. The question which now arises is how to implement these principles practically. Taylor has devised the following techniques for actually implementing the principles of scientific management.

  1. Functional Foremanship

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News for December 1, 2014

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