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News for November 30, 2014

Important News from The Hindu:

[Important for: Prelims/Mains- Polity, Policies]

[Important for: Prelim/Mains- Environment]

[Important for- Prelims/Mains- Environment, Climate change]

[Important for: Mains: IR, Indo-Sri lanka]

[Important for: Prelims / Mains: Environment, Bio-waste engineering]

[Important for: Prelims/ Mains – IR, Economy]

[Important for: Prelims/Mains- Economy, Trade and commerce]


Editorials You should read:

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An Insight into the Symbolism in Indian Art

Indian art and sculpture

Symbolism in Indian art is referred to ideological depiction on sculpture and architecture. The emergence of architectural and sculptural aspects of various forms like temple, Stupas and caves etc under the patronage of state has reached its developed stage during Mauryan period from its early terracotta forms. The Asokan pillar, the animals and carvings on the pillars, representation of Buddha in the form of foot print, Bodhi tree, Stupa with glassy polish surface, all show the maturity of artist.

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