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Bangladesh refugees

Refugees from Bangladesh

The Supreme Court took a serious view of the “cultural and political” conflicts due to presence of “illegal” Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam, and ordered the Centre for taking steps to deport them.
The court also commented that “political expediency” has “taken over” in Assam, where a “mess has been created” as people were granted citizenship even when they did not come within the protection of the Section 6A of the Indian Citizenship Act.
The apex court observed that the illegal settlers could have been given refugee status instead of granting citizenship rights, as the rights of “our citizens” were being violated due to influx of such people.

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Lessons from Western Philosophers- Kant, Mill and Durkhiem

Kant Mill Durkhiem

Emile Durkheim, John Stuart Mill, and Immanuel Kant represent the thinkers of the modern age who, not only changed the fate of several social sciences but also, changed the human perception towards Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. The insights that these thinkers made in the universe of ethics, is very useful and rich for the contemporary society.

So, let’s discuss some of the important ideas of these thinkers:

Immanuel Kant

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