Crux of Hindu and PIB Vol. 02

Aspirant Forum presents the Crux of the Hindu and PIB.

Reading the Hindu and PIB is seen as indispensable for any aspirant. Thus, our team has compiled the relevant news items, edited them and put together in a magazine form.

Many other coaching institutes and online sites are selling the similar products at high prices. Thus, to help the fellow aspirants get the same knowledge resources for free, The Crux has been introduced.


Click here to Download Crux of Hindu and PIB Vol 02  [for News of October 2014]


Crux of Hindu and PIB

Crux of the Hindu and PIB Vol 02

More issues will be uploaded on or around 10th of every month.

Team Aspirant Forum


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4 responses to “Crux of Hindu and PIB Vol. 02”

  1. ankit says :

    very great and pragmatic approach taken by you guys.. its the audacious step taken by your team, making the concise of The hindu and PIB is really difficult and you guys did it.
    hope in future you will bring similar new approaches for us.
    but 1 request make it free ALWAYS.. be an altruist always like you are today & I hope you will remain.


  2. Alex Newmai says :

    Good work. keep it up. Thank you so much – aspirant forum.


  3. Bhagat Singh says :

    Awesome Work Done by forum keep it up……………………:)


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