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How to Read a Newspaper for IAS Exam

“I see the path that leads towards my destination, but I wonder what is the right way to walk on it”

This is a classic challenge that every aspirant faces. Every one of us know about the importance of reading the newspapers, but it is difficult to keep track of the different current affairs and events. With no option left, you keep searching the different avenues of updating the current affairs.

how to read a newspaper


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Ashoka| Dhamma meant Righteousness

Ashoka edicts which had been the oldest surviving documents of history of India have described the concept of Dhamma very well. These edicts which are found scattered all over the Indian subcontinent basically define the policy and instructions of Ashoka’s officials and subjects. It was after the Kalinga War that Ashoka had underwent a complete change of heart and thus visualized ‘Dhamma.

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