A few Things you need to know Before Writing the Civil Services Examination

IAS Pattern

The IAS exam ladder

Before starting the preparation, it is very important to have a complete understanding about the exam process, its structure and the various aspects related to the preparation. The complete notification of civil services examination should be studied carefully to understand the structure of the exam and related information.

The aspirants should understand the nature of the examination because preparation will be more focused when you know exactly what the Examination expects rather demands from you. Remember at every stage of your preparation that this examination is relative. You only need to be better than the other aspirants to get a final place in the merit list.

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The Basic Principles

There is a common misbelieve among the aspirants that Civil Services can be cleared only in multiple attempts. So, the aspirant starts succumbing to pressure and convinces himself that it is only his first attempt and, therefore he can prepare better next time. Though the exam demands hardwork from the aspirant, it should be “intelligent hardwork” and not just hardwork. This exam is all about the basics with lot of clarity. The exam can be written well when the preparation is simple and the aspirant is very strong in basics with clarity.

so, aspirants should develop clear understanding and logical thinking.every aspirants has to develop creativity and innovation in their writing.

We can make our answer more innovative by including the following in our answer.-

Catchy introduction



Flow charts


Case studies

Contemporary touch and applicability

Catchy conclusion.

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More suggestion for aspirants

  • The focus should be on gaining basic clarity in each topic, which will come only through lot of logical questioning.
  • More time should be spent on thinking about the topic and making innovations, rather than on reading too many study material.
  • The previous papers should be thoroughly analyzed to understand the expectations of the examiner.
  • The preparation should be focused and all the hard work should be channelised in the right direction.

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