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Colonization of China

Opium Wars

Opium War

The imperialist occupation of China began with the Opium Wars. Before these wars, only two Chinese ports were open for foreign trade. China was already a prosperous civilization, which had invented paper, printing and gunpowder. There was no need for British goods in China. Thus, British had to pay in gold and silver for the goods imported from China. To cover up their costs of imports, British merchants began smuggling opium from India to China.

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Kautilya’s Saptang Theory of State

The Mauryan era of ancient India gave the world a significant treatise, the Arthashastra of Kautilya.It offers deep insights into political statecraft. Kautilya is known as the Indian Machiavelli because of his ruthless and shrewd tactics and policies reflecting an approach to statecraft including warfare.

Nature of State

Kautilya Saptang Theory

Kautilya Saptang Theory of State

The state of ‘nature’ is imagined to be one of total anarchy, in which ‘might was right’.When people were oppressed by Matyanyaya, the law of the fish, according to which the bigger fish swallows the smaller ones they selected Manu– son of Vivasvat the king. Read More…

A few Things you need to know Before Writing the Civil Services Examination

IAS Pattern

The IAS exam ladder

Before starting the preparation, it is very important to have a complete understanding about the exam process, its structure and the various aspects related to the preparation. The complete notification of civil services examination should be studied carefully to understand the structure of the exam and related information. Read More…