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Colonization of Africa

Slave Trade

Europeans started exploring Africa by late 15th century. These contacts were tragic and disastrous for the Africans due to the slave trade. Europeans needed slaves, as labors to work in their American colonies. In North America, slaves were used for plantation of tobacco, rice, indigo and cotton; while in South America, they were needed for sugar cultivation.

The native people of Americas were not suitable as they could escape from work, and were intolerant towards the European diseases, like smallpox, mums and measles. Whereas, African laborers were suitable as they had a developed immunity towards tropical diseases, could survive in harsh conditions, could not escape, and were readily available to the Europeans. European traders bought adult male labourers from Africa to America to work on plantation fields.

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[Results] UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 Results

UPSC had released the results for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam 2014, late on October 13, 2014.

Aspirant Forum congratulates the candidates who have qualified for the Mains Examination. Please note that the DAF (Detailed Application Form) for the Mains examination should be available from October 28, 2014 (Tuesday) onwards, till November 11, 2014. The DAF is to be filled online. All the other instructions would be put on the offiial UPSC site.

So, folks gear up for the upcoming challenge.

As for those who could not qualify, do not lose hope, buckle up for the next year. Anything is possible, given the appropriate hard work.

official results

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