Mega Food Park: An Overview

Mega Food Parks in india

Mega Food Parks in India

The Mega Food Park is comprehensive concept which main motive is to establish direct linkages from the farm to processing and on to the consumer markets, through a network of collection centres and Primary Processing Centres (PPC). Efficient logistics facilities that will inter-connected with the collection centres, the primary processing centres and a central processing centre.

It is basically a Central Processing Centre that act as the nuclei of all value addition activities facilitated by Primary Processing Centres and also as point of aggregation and primary handling to provide ready to use raw materials to be processed further in the units to be set up in the CPC. The PPCs will be fed by field Collection Centres which will be the first point of contact with growers.

Mega Food Parks

Mega Food Parks Model

The collection  centres which will be managed by local entrepreneurs will serve as farm level aggregation points for adjoining areas within a radius of about 10 Kms. The collection centres, while serving as the primary nodes for the Mega Food Park network will also enhance farm level value realization by providing direct market access to the farmers. Also it is expected that the collection centres will in course of time emerge as centres of rural commerce thereby spurring economic activity in the area.

Country’s First Mega Food Park Opens in Andhra Pradesh: A Case Study

  • Agriculture and Food Processing Industries Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar inaugurated India’s first Mega Food Park. i.e The Srini Mega  Food Park at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.
  • From seed to shelf, Srini Food Park facilitates end-to-end food processing with beneficial forward and backward linkages. On par with software parks, this new-age facility is equipped with Central Processing Centre and Primary Processing Centres. It aims at becoming a pioneering infrastructure enabler and facilitator for the Food Processing Industry.
  • As a model ‘Mega Food Park’ and the first of its kind in India, Srini provides state-of-the-art food processing infrastructure designed as per global standards and develops a veritable market place with common facilities on the lines of a software park or a textile park.
  • Mega Food Park is promoted by experienced professionals and supported by the government (the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure Investment Corporation) and is intended to benefit all components of the value chain.
  • Nestled in a sprawling 147-acre space, Srini Food Park provides world-class facilities for pulping, IQF, bottling, tetra packing, modular cold storage, warehousing and advanced testing lab. It enables basic and supply chain infrastructure, cluster farming and is ably backed by field collection centers, self help groups and individual farmers. Srini Food Park will empower food industry with state-of-the-art infrastructure and quality raw material sourcing.
  • With the highest growth in the fruits and vegetables sector (20%) and with Chittoor being the largest fruits and vegetables cluster in India, this Mega Food Park becomes an ideal destination for food processing units.
  • The key benefits to these stake-holders are:

Food Processors


Developed plot in the Mega Food Park on lease with Power, Water, and ETP facilities
Cutting edge processing facilities in CPC
Reap benefits of power cost, common facilities, testing, government support
Avail of backward and forward linkage benefits
Increase profitability
Sell produce to collection centres
Benefit from higher pricing
Avail of information regarding seed and other best practices
Improve product quality
Reduce losses through best practices in handling and packing
Avail of primary processing facilities, Cold Storages, Ripening Chambers, and Ware houses

Retail Chains

MNC Exporters

Avail of good quality produce
Avail standardized products
Benefit from quality assurance from our testing labs
Benefit from good transportation facilities viz reefer trucks and vans
Avail of labeling, packing facilities at mega park
Satisfy your customer through good product
Avail good quality product from producers
Be sure of product quality through food chain
Quality assurance provided

Courtesy: PIB

Team Aspirant Forum


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