Why is India better off without Planning Commission?

Planning Commission

Planning Commission

  • Planning commission is an advisory body with wide budgetary powers where members are appointed without any specific criteria.
  • Deputy Chairman of the planning commission holds the rank of a cabinet minister without being subject to any parliamentary control unlike the other ministers of cabinet.
  • There is overlapping of functions with other specialized agencies like Finance Commission, National Development Council. (for instance preparation of reports)
  • Dominant status of private players now, unlike the time when the commission was set up and a huge amount of gross investment came from solely government sources.
  • While allocating funds at ground level, Planning Commission often overlook the requirements and concerns of the local area or people.
  • There is an unscientific distinction between plan and non-plan expenditure used by the commission.

Based on the above factors it is clear that discrepancies have crawled into the functioning of the commission over the years. Hence, it would be better if the planning commission is replaced by a new efficient and market sensitive organisation that is inclusive of all stakeholders; be it state government, representatives from corporate houses , union government or most important of all the people.

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5 responses to “Why is India better off without Planning Commission?”

  1. Scribblography says :

    So, the new budget would not have the plan and non plan components on the expenditure side?
    Did this years budget have plan and non-plan expenditure? 2014-15?


    • Gangotri says :

      A new budget has to have a plan and non-plan expenditure. Non-plan Expenditure in Union Budget 2014-15 is Rs.12,19,892 crore and Rs.5,75,000 crore is for Plan expenditure .

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      • Scribblography says :

        As far as I know, Plan expenditure is all that which is according to the 5 year plan – schemes announced, devpt, improvement. Non-plan expenditure is all that is not apart of 5 year plan, but the yearly expenses – salary, pension, yearly plans.
        Pls correct me.


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