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National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill (NJAC), 2014

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National Judicial Appointment Commission Bill 2014

The issue of appointing a National Judicial Appointment Commission has been in debates recently. This was due to the fact that certain sections are of the opinion that such an arrangement would impede against the principle of separation of power and judicial independence, which constitute a part of the Basic Principles of Indian Constitution. Read More…

[Part 1] Revolutionary Movement in Europe: Holy Alliance and Britain

The period after 1815 saw the emergence of revolutionary activity in every country in Europe. While some of the revolutions aimed at overthrowing the autocratic rulers and abolition of serfdom; some others aimed at overthrow of foreign rule and social-economic-politico reforms. Nationalism emerged as a major force in this period. Revolutionaries were generally inclined towards fighting despotism everywhere. The despotic governments were also united to suppress every revolt and movement against any despotism.

The Holy Alliance

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WORLD WAR-1: A Brief Overview

World War I

World War I

Often called as crises of modernity in the twentieth century, World War -1 was a major factor that changed the world forever. There had been continuous clash amongst colonial countries to expand their power and capture cheap resources as well as labors since nineteenth century onwards. There were six contenders in the beginning of the twentieth century for domination of the whole world- USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and Japan.


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