Archive | September 27, 2014

Brewing turbulence in the money market : a glance

  • How safe are our hard earned money in the volatile and turbulent money market of today? Well, scams like Saradha chit fund ,  fluctuating prices of Gold certainly don’t draw a good picture in our minds. Do they?
  • CDS (Credit Default Swap) has rightly been called ‘the financial weapon of mass destruction’ by Warren Buffet. Euro Zone has been the victim of it’s wrath in the recent times.
  • LIBOR scam was in the news some time back . (LIBOR is a benchmark interest rate of the world issued by top 18 bank, which decides the interbank and commercial lending rates throughout the world ). Taking advantage of it’s dynamic nature, banks like Barclays, RBS were apparently manipulating this rate for their own benefits.
  • The ‘Sub-Prime Crises‘ of 2008-09 created havoc in the economies across the globe, wherein millions of people lost their jobs, homes and everything they owned. The reason being short-shortsightedness of regulators who were hedging high rating mortgages multiple times without worrying about the consequences.

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