Smart Cities : a Brief Overview

  • With a budgetary allocation of Rs 7060 crore for 100 cities, the new government of India has definitely put a spotlight on this whole new concept of ‘Smart Cities
  • Although without a specific definition, smart cities are supposed to be e-governed, along with continuous improvements in management, sustainable development and variety of new applications for its residents.
  • Focus should be on villages, given that majority of Indian people still reside there; e-panchayat projects could be very crucial in such circumstances.
  • The approach has to be ‘bottom -up’ and measures should be proactive than reactive in nature.
  • Municipal services (in urban areas) need to play an active role . Public -private partnerships could ensure availability of basic services and infrastructure to all.
  • Last but not the least, smart decision making needs to be encouraged. For instance- in Raipur, individuals are given choice of the fair price shop according to his/her preference and so as the quantity(within the prescribed limit of course). How smart is that? 

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  1. isha gupta says :

    Great contribution to the world of words


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