Current Events Chronology: Environment Compilation Jan-July 2014

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The importance of current affairs has increased in the recent years. As a result, we spend a lot of time reading and researching the newpapers and magazines. We have compiled important news and current events for the months of January to mid-July, to help the fellow aspirants prepare for the exams.

This is the Environment section of the news and events for the months of January to mid-July. We will update and cover the coming months soon.

Hope it will be helpful for the fellow aspirants in their jouney to the UPSC.

Thank you for your support and appreaciation.

All the material related to the current events have been placed, in a revised form in a chronological order. This will help you know about the events in a systematic order.

Here is a sample of events that the file would cover:

Ecologically Sensitive Zone


Scientists have concluded that Himalayas have lost about 13% of glaciers in the last 40 years. The rate of deterioration is different for different glaciers. Glaciers are retreating faster in the Western Himalayas than in Sikkim.


Uttarakhand– environmentalists have slammed the Uttarakhand government for promoting industrial development in the ecologically sensitive zones. Dr. Prakash Joshi, founder of Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization, attacked the Bahuguna government for harming the environment in the state. The attack was targetted against the Coca Cola’s Bottling Plant in Dehradun, which has been facing opposition from the locals as well. Similarly, Cement Plants are seen as detrimental to the agricultural lands and the health of the people.


Scientists have warned about ill effects of global warming over Himalayan glaciers. Due to increased melting of glaciers and more rain along the Himalayas, there will greater flow in the himalayan rivers. This would increase the run-off from river by five times.


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