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[Part 2] French Revolution: Events of Revolution

Background: Intellectual Movements in France

In every revolution, revolutionary thinking and ideas precede revolutionary actions. The 18th century France produced many revolutionary thinkers.

Age of Reason

Because of the ideas expressed by the French intellectuals, the 18th century has been called the Age of Reason. While Christianity taught that man was born to suffer, the French thinkers asserted that man was born to be happy. Happiness can be achieved if reason is used to destroy prejudice and reform man’s institutions. They either denied the existence of God or ignored him. In place of God, they asserted the doctrine of ‘Nature’ and the need to understand its laws. Faith was put in reason.

Attack on Clergy

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Current Events Chronology: Defense Compilation Jan-July 2014

Dear friends,

The importance of current affairs has increased in the recent years. As a result, we spend a lot of time reading and researching the newspapers and magazines. We have compiled important news and current events for the months of January to mid-July, to help the fellow aspirants prepare for the exams.

This is the Defense section of the news and events for the months of January to mid-July. We will update and cover the coming months soon.

Hope it will be helpful for the fellow aspirants in their journey to the UPSC.

Thank you for your support and appreciation.

All the material related to the current events have been placed, in a revised form in a chronological order. This will help you know about the events in a systematic order.

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