Current Events Chronology: Polity Compilation Jan-July 2014

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The importance of current affairs has increased in the recent years. As a result, we spend a lot of time reading and researching the newpapers and magazines. We have compiled important news and current events for the months of January to mid-July, to help the fellow aspirants prepare for the exams.

This is the polity section of the news and events for the months of January to mid-July. We will update and cover the coming months soon.

Hope it will be helpful for the fellow aspirants in their jouney to the UPSC.

Thank you for your support and appreaciation.

All the material related to the current events have been placed, in a revised form in a chronological order. This will help you know about the events in a systematic order.

Here is a sample of events that the file would cover:



MGNREGS to include Rural Sanitation– UPA has widened the scope of its flagship MGNREGS to include works relating to rural sanitation in collaboration with the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA). This would strengthen the base of rural livelihood and create durable assets and infrastructure at village level. The provision has been provided in the Para 4(1) IV(i) of the Schedule I of the MGNREG Act.


Ministry of Rural Development has issued a directive to provide 150 days of wage employment under the MGNREGA for Scheduled Tribes households living in forest areas. The additional days will be available for those who have got pattas under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006.The states of Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh will be greatly benefited by this.


Sethusamudram project


Tamil Nadu asks Supreme Court to scrap Sethusamudram project– Tamil Nadu government has reiterated that the Supreme Court should direct the centre to scrap the sethusamudram project as the Gulf of Mannar and surrounding areas are extremely eco-fragile and economically nonviable. The state also said that Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge fulfills the natural and cultural criteria fixed by UNESCO, and implementation of the project would be a potential threat to this world renowned and unique structure. The Centre had earlier rejected the recommendations of the Pachauri Committee on the alternate plan. Pachauri Committee had concluded that the plan was nonviable.
11/05/14 R. K. Pachauri, a leading environmentalist, said that Center’s rejection of the Pachauri Committee report on the Sethusamudram project was mired in political expediency.Mr. Pachauri is Director-General of the Energy and Research Institute of India and chairperson of the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).He said that the purely technical, ecological and economic issue has been badly overwhelmed by crass political considerations. The project managers are not taking into account the impact of climate change and sea-level rise.


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