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Reforming the University Education System in India

The Supreme Court ordered the University Grants Commission (UGC) to review the 44 deemed universities. This has created a troublesome situation for the students enrolled under such institutions.

In June 2009, The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had empowered the UGC to review the maintenance of standards in these institutions. The UGC appointed different committees consisting of vice-chancellors, senior professors and nominees from various statutory bodies. These committees visited and scrutinised various deemed universities and submitted a report on each university to the UGC. The reports were accepted and sent for the follow-up actions. The MHRD has indirect approval of all proceedings, as the MHRD Secretary is represented in the UGC.

The Flawed reports: The Tandon Committee

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[Part 2] The American Revolution: Course of Events

No Taxation Without Representation

The leaders of the Massachusetts colony called together representatives from other colonies to consider their common problems. In this Massachusetts Assembly, they agreed and declared that English Parliament had no right to levy taxes on them. ‘No Taxation Without Representation’ became their slogan. They threatened to stop the imports of British goods. This led English to repeal the Stamp Act, but the English Parliament still insisted that it had the right to levy taxes. The Parliament, then, imposed a tax on consumer goods coming into the colonies, such as paper, glass, tea and paint. In protest, the colonists cut down the English imports by one-half. The English, thus, withdrew the plan, leaving only the tax on tea to assert their right to levy taxes.

Boston Tea Party

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