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[Part 2] Exploring the Meanings of Values

Vision and Values

A Vision is important for an organization, as it provides a conceptual framework for understanding organizational purpose. Vision expresses the guiding philosophy of an organization, while underlining its core values and principles. It might not be enforceable legally, but it does enjoy a moral appeal. Vision expresses the goal, to attain which, the organization comes into existence. Thus, a vision entails the foundational values of an organization. It also provides the legitimizing principle of the organization.

Through it, the people, who are the consumers of the services provided by the organization, become aware of what to expect, and the standards of excellence which the organization adheres to. A vision finds its significance in the wake of turbulent forces in the environment. It helps the organization to justify its existence, in the wake of protest. Read More…

Agenda for Nuclear Diplomacy

It has been years that India has been trying to resolve the issues in the way of Indian Nuclear interests. India signed the IAEA Additional Protocol on March 15, 2009. It was one of the several steps of the implementation of the 2008 India-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. Though the Additional Protocol has designed for the Nuclear power states, India successfully moulded it to suit her interest. However, the protocol remained pending for ratification, due to other urgent matters. The protocol was finally announced ratified by the new Indian PM Narendra Modi on June 22, 2014.

History of Additional Protocol

The genesis of the Additional Protocol lies in the period of end of cold war, when the possibility of a nuclear exchange between the two superpowers diminished. Read More…