Archive | September 15, 2014

[Part 1] Human Values

Values are the principles and fundamental convictions which act as broad guidelines to human behaviour; and the standards through which any human action is judged. Values are an indispensable part of the human society, as anything that we see and find around us, is viewed with reference to some value principle. Throughout our life, we learn from our experiences. Our behaviour change according to the situation. Thus, throughout our life we keep adjusting and adapting to different values.

In this sense, values give meaning to human life, while guiding our behaviour. Our actions are moulded by our decisions, which are guided by our attitude and beliefs. Since values play a formative role in building our beliefs and attitude, they play a central role in guiding our actions and responses. Read More…

India’s Interest in South China Sea

South China Sea is one of the most important seas of the world- geopolitically, economically and strategically. Thus, it attracts a considerable attention of the nations of the South and South-East Asia. However, the recent conflicts have made it an arena of escalating contention.

India has vital stakes in the area, as around 55% of India’s trade in the Asia-Pacific passes through this region. Thus, India has been voicing for the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, and for peaceful resolution of territorial disputes between China other nations of the region.

Strategic Importance

South China Sea is an important link between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Read More…